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Our family has been ranching, hunting, and fishing in Texas for three generations. Our parents, Frank and Sue Malek, bought their first property in Live Oak County in 1977. Today, with their four children and twelve grandchildren, they own and manage over 48,000 acres of ranchland in Live Oak, Atascosa, Brewster, Presidio and Real Counties. Hunting, fishing, and the outdoors is in our blood. It is our passion, and we would like to share that passion with you.

The Buck Horn Creek Ranch is our premiere guest ranch and offers a wide variety of indoor and outdoor experiences for families, hunters, business groups, wedding parties, or individuals. The Ranch's lodge was completed in April 2013. The lodge was constructed with a ranch theme and has lots of rustic charm, but it is also equipped with fully modern amenities—high-speed internet, Wi-Fi, PowerPoint projectors, HD televisions, whiteboards, flip charts, and a game room for children. Our goal is to allow our guests to personally tailor their experience at the Ranch. Whether you are planning a hunt, business retreat, wedding, family reunion, or a skeet shoot, the Buck Horn Creek Ranch offers the perfect combination of rustic country charm and modern amenities. For instance, we offer families, professional groups, or businesses a unique team-building opportunity to do a morning meeting and an afternoon skeet shoot, hunt, nature tour, or fishing trip.

The Ranch is managed by the husband and wife team of Geoff and Tammy who are available to help you plan and execute your event or outing. The lodge has a full-service, modern kitchen and a large dining area. Meals can be prepared on-site by our chef, guests can do their own cooking, or meals can be catered in. And for overnight or multi-day events, the lodge has twelve guest rooms.

Most importantly, however, the Buck Horn Creek Ranch is a sportsman's paradise. The ranch is comprised of 4,600 acres of prime game land, with 4,000 acres enclosed by a high game fence. The Ranch has a wildlife biologist on staff who manages the land and the game to make sure they are healthy and well-nourished. We produce some of the biggest bucks you will find anywhere. Due to our careful management, the Ranch has obtained a Level 3 Managed Land Deer Permit issued by Texas Parks and Wildlife, permitting us to extend our hunting season and harvest a larger number of deer each year.

The Ranch is surrounded by eleven lakes, and the scenic Buckhorn Creek runs through the property. The lakes are stocked for fishing, and there is a wide variety and abundance of waterfowl and migratory birds year round. In addition to hunting and shooting, guests can entertain themselves on guided wildlife tours, fishing, bird watching, or hiking on the over five miles of designated hiking trails on the property.

We have something for every outdoorsman, as well as for those who just want to kick back, relax, and enjoy the Texas outdoors from the comfort of a charming, first class hunting lodge. Please come share our passion for the ranching life. We guarantee a truly unique experience.

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